We Took A Trip To A Trade Show For Inspiration

July 13, 2022

We Went To A Two-In-One Trade Show To Gain
Inspiration For Our Northern VA Remodels

From Induction Countertops To Barndominiums, We Learned About The Latest Remodeling Trends.

For us, a trip to a kitchen and bath industry show is enough, but when it’s combined with the International Builder Show, it’s too great an opportunity to pass up. We wanted to learn all we could, so we could bring that new knowledge and energy back to Northern VA to enhance YOUR home remodels.

And that’s exactly what happened during Miller Home Improvement’s trip to the dual 2022 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builder Show in Orlando.

In addition to learning about new innovations in the industry, we also had great opportunities to speak to other innovative remodelers from across the country and pick their brains about trends, the best materials, and anything else they wanted to talk about.

The Epicenter Of Home Remodeling Innovation

This was our Disneyland, Super Bowl, Graceland, etc. It was not only the place to be for kitchen and bathroom remodelers, but it was a major gathering for all home remodelers in the country. Period.

Each booth represented a different manufacturer, retailer, or remodeling firm. We didn’t know where to look. On one side there would be a high-end kitchen appliance vendor, and on the other side you might see a fellow remodeler touting their proprietary products. It was A LOT to take in.

In addition to connecting with various vendors and learning about their products, we were also able to discuss style, technique, and all the latest and greatest remodeling trends.

Induction Stoves Built Right Into Your Countertop And More….

Induction Stove built into countertop by Miller Home Improvements

We encountered a lot of products we were already using, but there were a few new gadgets we still need to try out. One of our favorites was an induction…countertop.

Induction stoves are stoves made of a flat solid piece of material that heats metal pans directly using electromagnetic energy. That’s right. They cook your food without gas OR electricity. It’s not magic, though, just magnetics.

To us, this is old news, but a HIDDEN induction COUNTERTOP? That was a new one even for us. The entire counter space IS the stovetop. This means you could turn your kitchen into one massive hibachi grill, clean up, and convert it right back into your normal kitchen space, as if the stove was never there.

We were impressed and more than ready to add that to our big book of kitchen remodeling secrets.

Another trend we had heard about before and even had the chance to be a part of was the emergence of “Barndominiums.” These are classic barns that are converted into beautiful country homes, whether you just want to get away for a weekend or even move out there for a fresh start.

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