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We Use Our Imagination When Designing Remodels In Northern Virginia

We Specialize In Creative Yet Functional Designs Our Customers LOVE.

Super Detailed 3D Image Of White Kitchen With Hardwood

If you’re like other Northern VA homeowners, you want your project design to hit the remodeling trifecta: beauty, originality, and functionality. After all, it’s YOUR money and YOUR home. You deserve the best of the best.

To achieve the remodeling trifecta, you’re going to need a design team with ambition, skill, and imagination. And that team is Miller Home Improvements.

We don’t do “cookie-cutter” design that makes your home look suspiciously similar to six other houses on your block. Our passion is creating remodeling masterpieces for homeowners in Northern VA.

We combine creativity with practicality to provide you with a beautiful, architecturally-viable design that fits your budget. A design that functions as well as it looks. A design that most companies wouldn’t think to dream up.

Brilliant In-House Design Team

A Highly Detailed 3D Image Of An Open Concept Kitchen

Unlike most small to midsize remodelers, we have our own design team that works directly for us. This is GREAT news for your remodel.

Because you get to work with the same people throughout the entire process, you have A LOT more direct involvement in how the design is executed in the end.

With most large firms, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, so a lot of important details can get lost in translation between design and construction.

But with small contractors, you have to pay one company to design the remodel and another to actually build it. This leaves you with even less recourse if they don’t or CAN’T follow the plans the way you wanted them to.

The other major problem with hiring a designer that isn’t a builder is your estimate. We’ve seen designs that cost easily double or triple the original estimate.

There’s nothing worse than having to tell homeowners their dream design is going to cost A LOT more than they were told.

So, we decided to handle the entire process ourselves—from start to finish.

We avoid ALL of those shortcomings by working together like a well-oiled machine, to make sure your initial design is completed to perfection. We know how much the project will cost and how to pull it off because WE designed it.

Our innovative, practical, on-budget designs are why our clients choose us again and again. Come to us with a remodeling vision or with absolutely no idea of what you want—either way, we can create a project that is beautiful, functional, and 100% unique to you.

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