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Want To Speak To Some Of Our Past Customers?

We Can Put You In Touch With Our Remodeling Clients Throughout Northern VA.

Contacting customer references is one of the absolute best ways to judge the quality of a Northern VA remodeling company. When it comes to customer references, companies tend to fall into one of three categories. We’ve outlined those categories below.

Category #1: Remodelers With ZERO References

Some companies don’t have a customer-reference list. Though this does not guarantee that a company is bad, we don’t usually recommend working with a company that can’t provide references.

A lack of references could mean that the company is either 1) new/inexperienced, 2) performing substandard work, or 3) simply doesn’t care enough to measure customer satisfaction.

Category #2: Remodelers With A Handful Of References

Some remodelers will give you just one or two references, even if you’d like more.

Be careful here, too. Just because a remodeler has only a few references doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. But one or two references usually aren’t enough to give the “big picture” of the company.

Category #3: Remodelers With LOTS Of References

Lastly, there are Northern Va remodelers that will gladly give you as many references as you want to speak to.

Miller Home Improvements falls into this category. We believe you should talk to as many customers as you need to feel comfortable!

What To Ask Our References When You Call Them

You might feel slightly uncomfortable calling our references. After all, they don’t know you from Adam.

But calling our references is a relaxed, easygoing experience. All of our references are willing to help answer your questions—that’s why they’ve chosen to be on our reference list.

If you’re unsure what to ask them, here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Were you satisfied with the results produced by Miller Home Improvements?
  • Were there any issues during the project? If so, were they handled appropriately?
  • If you needed them, were they easy to reach and responsive?
  • Did you ever feel pressured or stressed by Miller Home Improvements?
  • If you had to do it over, would you choose Miller Home Improvements again?

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