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Here’s Why We Are THE Design Masters Of Northern Virginia

If you want a home addition or kitchen remodel that will look “nice” and make your home blend in with the rest of the neighborhood, there are plenty of remodelers out there who could do a satisfactory job.

On the other hand, if you want to turn your current living space into your DREAM home, you’ll need master craftsmanship and a remodeler with true creative spirit.

We are not in this business to make “cookie-cutter” additions that make your home look suspiciously similar to six other houses on your block. We’ll do it, if it’s truly what you want, but our real passion is building remodeling MASTERPIECES for homeowners in Northern VA.

Any competent remodeler can install a generic kitchen that looks great and functions well but is lacking in the personality department.

For us, that’s just boring. We want you to be STUNNED by your new kitchen. We want to turn your dream bathroom…the one you thought never could exist…into reality.

Premium Materials

If you are going to the trouble of designing and remodeling a brand-new kitchen, you should at least do it justice by using top-of-the-line materials.

And that is exactly what we offer. From floors to cabinets, we specialize in sourcing the most durable premium materials at the BEST possible prices.

We may not have the absolute cheapest prices, but what we do offer is even better. We have the best value you can get, hands down.

Breathtaking Design

If other contractors have told you something can’t be done, try us.

Our project managers are trained to guide you through the complex process of ordering window and door packages by assimilating all the critical details and conveying them to the correct parties. They also serve as a superb first line of defense against any potential pitfalls.

We require our project managers to be on site during delivery of the product so they can thoroughly inspect it prior to installation. They come down to the building site again, a few days after installation, to do a final walkthrough to make sure everything operates exactly how it should.

Our Lead Estimator: The Quote Whiz

We WANT you to come to us with your most ambitious, eccentric, and extravagant design ideas.

We will do everything we can to bring them to life. If it’s legal and within the laws of physics, we will make it happen.

Meticulous Installation

We emphasize precision, accuracy, and doing things RIGHT. Sometimes that means taking the extra time to make absolutely sure we have considered all the angles. Will it be the quickest remodel possible? Probably not, but it will be the most meticulous.

If you want things done correctly, with every single detail in perfect order, we are the home remodeler for you.

Change-Order Friendly

A lot of remodelers HATE change orders, so they’ll charge you an arm and a leg or reject them altogether. Not us. We welcome change orders.

We want you to get the PERFECT remodel, so if that means changing directions along the way, we understand. We would rather have the project take a little longer, if it means you getting EXACTLY what you want.


Our attitude is simple: no matter what you do, do it with care. When we install a new bathroom, we take the time and put forth the effort to make sure everything is absolutely correct.

Do we do this just because it’s our job? No, we do it because we CARE about doing our best for each and every homeowner we serve.

Our passion isn’t confined to JUST the work we do. We want you to feel great about the entire remodel from beginning to end. We care about YOUR experience.

Culture & Community

We are a close-knit family here at Miller Home Improvements. Most of our installers have been with us for a while, and many of them are fast friends outside of work.

And that positive, friendly attitude doesn’t stop with just our team! We love talking with our customers about sports, the weather, and anything else. There’s nothing we like better than getting to know our community, one home remodel at a time!

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