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Turn To Miller Home Improvements For Unique, Innovative, & Beautiful Home Additions

We Have Been Designing And Building Gorgeous Home Additions
In Northern Virginia For Nearly 20 Years.

We LOVE designing home additions. It’s an opportunity to take great Northern Virginia homes and add something new and unique.

They can add value to your home, which is great, but creating an addition that improves your life and gives you more space to spend time with your friends and family is worth so much more.

Nothing Less Than Perfect

We are perfectionists when it comes to design and installation. A home addition is a big investment and a lot of work, so we are committed to getting every detail of every component EXACTLY right.

Even small details that could easily go overlooked HAVE to be done or else the overall project won’t be as good as it could have been.

Why Choose A Design-Build Remodeler

Some small firms only handle the design end of things, and they often do a great job of it. The problem is, they’re not the ones building. That means there’s no guarantee their lofty goals and promises will be achieved.

Big companies DO typically design and build, but they’re usually separate departments. Plus, if we can be frank, creativity isn’t their specialty.

With Miller Home Improvements, you get the passionate, painstaking design AND the follow-through to actually make the design dream come true.

When it does come time to build, our project managers take the design and bring it to fruition, using their amazing craftsmanship and careful attention to detail.

Photo Of Complete Home Addition With White Picket Fence

Why Choose Miller Home Improvements For Your Home Addition

Premium Materials

We will install whatever you want, but we STRONGLY recommend going with the best materials and brands in the industry. We specialize in premium cabinetry and master carpentry work.

Learn more about our Premium Materials.

Breathtaking Design

Designing your new home or remodel is one of the most exciting parts of the process. You’re not limited to basic, cookie-cutter designs, and we encourage you to really ask yourself what your ultimate home addition would look like.

Learn more about our Breathtaking Design.

Meticulous Installation

We take craftsmanship seriously, so we don’t just install our materials well. We install them flawlessly. If not, we’ll do it over until it’s perfect.

Learn more about our Meticulous Installation.

Change-Order Friendly

While other remodelers scoff at change orders, we are more than happy to accommodate them. After all, what’s the point in finishing a project you’re not 100 percent on board with? We’d much rather change directions and build you the EXACT home addition you want.

Learn more about our Change-Order Friendly.


Our secret to success truly is caring deeply about what we do and the community we serve.

Learn more about how much We CARE.

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