Our Fancy New Design Software

July 13, 2022

Our Cutting-Edge 3D Rendering Software Enables
Seamless Northern VA Home Remodels

Chief Architect Rendering Software Is One Of Our Favorite Tools
For Creating Dream Designs For You.

One of the best pieces of technology in our toolbelt as a design-build remodeler is the CUTTING-EDGE rendering software our EXCELLENT design specialists use to hone your Northern VA remodel before anyone so much as touches your home..

It’s THE most comprehensive and imaginative way to design the blueprints for your new home or remodel in three dimensions.

If something looks different than it did in your mind or you just happen to get a brilliant idea mid-way through the design process, we can change things up as many times as you like until you LOVE it.

As a matter of fact, that’s one of our FAVORITE parts of the whole process. It’s like playing with virtual Legos and designing a stunning new addition to your home, all at once. We think you’ll enjoy it, too!

3D Design Software Is Our Home Remodeling Playground

The great part about the Chief Architect Homepage, apart from the nearly photographic detail, is the fact that you can radically change up the design, minute to minute, until it’s how YOU want it.

This is a major advantage compared to how we had to do things when we first started…back in the days of black and white TV and rotary phones. (Okay, it wasn’t THAT long ago, but computer technology has come a LONG way.)

Instead of having to draft something up based on your description, you get to work WITH us to come up with something amazing in real time. In fact, we can design your dream remodel right there in your living room and begin drafting final plans that very day.

Design software is nothing new, but it NEVER used to be this detailed, intuitive, and comprehensive. Now we can show you your creation, as it develops.

In fact, you can be directly involved in the design process, whether we’re remodeling your kitchen, designing a home addition, or building you a brand new home from scratch.

Once We’ve Finalized A Design You Can See How It Will Look In VIVID Detail

full rendering of a custom patio outdoor space by Miller Home Improvements

The images that Chief Architect produces are stunning to say the least. At times, you can forget they’re not photographs. This makes it the perfect software for designing new homes and remodels that are practical, beautiful, and within budget.

Everything can be planned in advance, down to the minutest details.

When it does come time to build because you’ve finally picked the ideal design for YOUR remodeling project, we have an amazing blueprint for bringing it to life.

Our stellar technicians will be able to meticulously install each and every piece until the project is completed to perfection.

And since we do get the chance to plan the project so thoroughly, we’re able to obtain the absolute best materials for your remodel AND ensure it stays on budget.

Why We DON’T Recommend Hiring An Outside Architect

There are several reasons why we STRONGLY prefer to handle the design process ourselves, rather than receiving plans already drawn up by another architect.

First of all, sometimes the plans are not achievable within budget. We’ve seen homeowners spend thousands of dollars on designs only to find out they would cost many times what they thought to bring to fruition.

In some cases, they were not even logistically sound, and we had to inform the homeowners that we’ll have to re-work the designs for their remodel to be possible.

We’ve even seen architects who offered ZERO 3D plans, at all. In those cases, it’s like trying to build a house off of a drawing, and it just doesn’t work.

And finally, there truly is no downside to having your remodel designed by our amazing team, using our Chief Architect rendering software. We can do everything an architect can do and MORE. Plus, it’s all done in-house by our team, so the whole project comes out cohesive and on budget.

If you decide to go in a different direction, we’ll refund your money. There’s no risk, only reward.

Contact Miller Home Improvements

At Miller Home Improvements, we don’t consider ourselves to be “tech people,” but Chief Architect is software that even old school craftsmen like us can get behind.

After all, it’s helped us to perfect our design skills even more and enabled us to create some of our most gorgeous home remodels.

If you have a remodeling dream you want to bring to life, please give us a call today at (571) 274-0513 or schedule an appointment with us online.