Super Custom Northern VA Home Remodeling

November 9, 2023

We Are The Northern VA Remodeler Who Embraces Change Orders & Custom Design

Some Northern VA Home Contractors Shy Away From Challenges & Change Orders. Not Us.

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There aren’t many design-build remodelers in Northern VA and almost none that have our dedication to truly custom, one-of-a-kind remodels that PERFECTLY match the vision you have in your mind.

We don’t want you to have to settle on a home addition that looks like four others in your neighborhood.  We want you to have the one-of-a-kind, beautiful, functional space you’ve always wanted.

Ambitious Design From NOVA’s Best Design-Build Remodeler

We like a challenge, and we’re not afraid to rack our brains to figure out how to best bring your most complex and unique home remodeling dreams to life.

One secret weapon we have for creating breathtaking remodeling projects is our hands-on approach from start to finish.

Unlike a lot of other design-build remodels, we don’t just hand the design off to the construction crew and end contact.

Instead, our designer (usually Arlen Miller, our owner and founder) will work closely with the team to make sure the design is able to be brought to fruition exactly as intended.

This ensures seamless integration of your design requests and leaves zero room for anything to get lost in translation.

Why Change Orders Aren’t A Big Deal (As Long As You Don’t Mind The Wait)

Because we’re obsessed with delivering unique remodels that blow our customers away, we don’t mind changing course in the middle of a project if that’s what you want.

In fact, we’d MUCH rather do that than continue on a path that will leave you anything less than 100% thrilled with your project.

Being change-order friendly doesn’t mean your project won’t take longer.  It almost certainly WILL if we have to change directions.  It also usually COSTS a little more for the extra labor and materials.

That said, if perfection is what you’re after, we consider it well worth the delay, and that’s only if you don’t love the design we started with.

Functional, Beautiful & ORIGINAL Home Remodeling Projects

The goal of Miller Home Improvements is to be the comprehensive, design-build remodeler that NOVA homeowners turn to when NO ONE else will be able to do justice to their stunning, ambitious design ideas.

Our remodels are not only beautiful, but they’re also durable and functional.  We don’t create pretty, delicate remodels that break as soon as you look at them funny.

Instead, we put our time, effort, and meticulous workmanship into making sure your bathroom remodel or new home lasts and functions flawlessly for DECADES to come.

Could you settle for one of the other big design-build firms?

Of course, but they’ll never be able to create the breathtaking and durable home remodels that have become Miller Home Improvements’ calling card in Northern VA.

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