Why Your Reviews Are SO Important

September 5, 2023

Why We Value Reviews From The Northern VA Homeowners We Serve So Much

Customer Reviews Are An Important Form Of Feedback & These Reviews Prove It

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Our reputation in our community is important to us.  Don’t get us wrong, we know reputation is crucial in any business, but it’s especially central to who we are and what we believe in here at Miller Home Improvements.  We pride ourselves on being Northern VA’s trusted, respected, design-build remodeler.

That’s why we love getting to hear from our customers, so we can keep improving and perfecting our craft.

Reviews are also a great way for you to learn who we are and what we’re all about if you haven’t worked with us in the past.

Along with references, certifications, and awards, they’re one of the best ways to learn a contractor’s true colors.

Review 1: Two Bathrooms & A Kitchen Done With Sterling Workmanship

“Arlen Miller and his crew remodeled two bathrooms and our kitchen and did a superb job. Everything was removed including ceilings, fixtures, drywall, and in one room, a window was moved.

Often he had to do some creative problem solving because of problems with our existing older home. He helped to maximize our space and storage. I was particularly pleased with the woodwork that was done including built in shelves, beadboard, crown molding etc.

When I wasn’t sure what would look best, Arlen would suggest various things and even bring in samples for me to see ahead of time.

He’d send me links to pictures on houzz and other sites as well. After our home, Arlen did an extensive remodel on our daughter’s circa 1900 home, and it’s just gorgeous.

The entire Miller Crew was clean, courteous, timely, and honest. Their character and workmanship is sterling, and I highly recommend them.”

– Patricia Rice

This review mentions a lot of the aspects of our business we’re most proud of.

Our creative design work truly sets us apart from other home remodelers in Northern Virginia, and our painstaking, artisan workmanship ensures your design ideas are brought to life perfectly.

As for why we made such a point of showing her samples and picking her brain, the answer is simple.

We want to help you develop your design dream until you get EXACTLY what you want.  Don’t settle for anything less!

Review 2: Miller Home Improvements: The Best From Alpha To Omega

“I have seen the alpha and the omega of contracting, and Miller Home Improvements is the best I can remember having ever worked with.  There were difficulties with scheduling due to a delay in material delivery, but I do not think that was Miller Home Improvement’s fault.  In every other way, their promises, continuing communication, and quality of work was top rate.”

– George Fenwick

This one is short and sweet, but what George says here means a lot.  We also have experience dealing with a wide array of contractors, which is why we know what to do and what NOT to do.

We’re also glad he mentioned our communication and the fact we keep our promises.  At the end of the day, nothing matters more than that.

Keeping our word and following through is one way to show our customers we truly care.

Review 3: Superb Work & Correcting A Botched French Door Install

“I have engaged the services of Miller Home Improvements over the past seven years for a wide variety of services. The first and largest job was the replacement of all the windows in our home, including some custom work.

Other jobs included the successful replacement of a large french door that had been installed by a different contractor earlier in a fashion that damaged structural components of the house, a complete roof replacement, and modifications to flashing and gutters.

MHI has always done superb work, has always returned promptly to address any issues, and has demonstrated a rare degree of caring and honesty in all regards.”

– Jim Chinnis

Whatever your remodeling needs, we are here to help.  We were happy to replace all of Jim’s windows and to correct the mistakes of the contractor who installed his French door.

We do care about our community and our customers, and we’re glad it was able to shine through in our work and service.

While other contractors might rush through your door project, we will approach it with the meticulous installation standards that set Miller Home Improvements apart from the rest.

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