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There’s no doubt that Warrenton, VA is a BEAUTIFUL community. It’s great for nature lovers and horse enthusiasts, but it’s also a wonderful community to raise a family. So why not stick around and remodel your home, so you can stay in Warrenton for a while? Rather than sell your home and move somewhere else, let us take your home to the next level with a stunning remodel. Whatever you need, Miller Home Improvements is here to make it happen. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels, and we can even build you a new home from scratch. The choice is yours.

Innovative, Intricate, And Extravagant Design

Home remodelers are a dime a dozen, but truly innovative Warrenton home remodelers are not…. We ARE that rare exception that loves a challenge. We can build any remodel you want, even if it is simple and straightforward. On the other hand, if you come to us with a bold, innovative design in mind, we are more than happy to bring it to life. We don’t just do superficial remodels. We can handle major structural work and complex home additions. In fact, we prefer things that way.

Don’t Know Exactly What You Want?

Even if you haven’t quite decided WHAT you want, but you know THAT you want a gorgeous home remodel, give us a call and we’ll see if we can design something that blows you away. With our creative design team and amazing Chief Architect 3D rendering software, you can see what your new remodel will look like in incredible detail. If it isn’t what you thought, we can change it for you an infinite number of times until we get it right. It doesn’t matter, it’s all virtual! Once you’ve decided on a design, our team of pros will bring it to life with the best materials and equipment.

We Are Utter Perfectionists When It Comes To Home Remodeling

We’re not here to give you a new kitchen or bathroom. We’re here to provide you with the PERFECT home remodel, whether it’s a new bathroom, kitchen, or a whole new addition. From design to execution, every single member of the Miller Home Improvements team is a dedicated professional. We are here to get EVERY detail right, or else we don’t consider the job complete.

Why Us?

Premium Materials

We insist on using the best materials and products around because we want your remodel to be EXCELLENT, not “pretty good.”

Breathtaking Design

Design is our specialty, and we love taking risks that other contractors wouldn’t. Feel free to come to us with all of your imaginative, extravagant design ideas, and we’ll bring them to life with our 3D rendering software.

Meticulous Installation

All of our design expertise and top-notch materials would be wasted if we didn’t take the time to install every piece perfectly. We double and triple check everything we do because we want to make sure NOTHING slips through the cracks.

Change-Order Friendly

Contractors typically don’t love change orders, but we’re different. Because we care so much about the end result being perfect, we have no problem with changing directions to ensure perfection.


We are dedicated to what we do because we care so much about it. Even if we weren’t getting paid, this would be what we’d want to do.

Culture & Community

We love and appreciate the community we serve, and we’re all about spending time with friends and family.

The Services Miller Home Improvements Provides In Warrenton

Kitchen Remodeling

We love designing and remodeling kitchens. They’re a place where the family comes together, and they are an opportunity to showcase innovative appliances and beautiful, hand-crafted cabinetry.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodels are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and your quality of life. See what’s possible for your bathroom with Miller Home Improvements.

Home Additions

Home additions are a major undertaking, but they can transform a home into something even more amazing than it was before. We can take your current living space and double it, in some cases.

New Home Construction

Building brand-new homes takes time, effort, and patience. Luckily, we have all three to spare, and we’d be more than happy to take on constructing a brand-new home for you.

Exterior Remodeling

Does your home need a makeover: new siding, roofing, or a new deck? We are more than happy to get your home looking EXACTLY like you want it to.

Basement Remodeling

Chances are, your basement isn’t your favorite room in your home…but there’s no reason it CAN’T be. We love taking basements and turning them into something new and exciting.

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