What To Expect From A Luxury Bathroom Remodel In Fauquier County, VA

December 22, 2023
Luxury Bathrooms in Fauquier County

What To Expect From A Luxury Bathroom Remodel In Your Home In Fauquier County, VA

Make Your Bathroom Upgrade Unique

Your bathroom is the room where you most likely begin and end your day. If you are considering a bathroom remodel in Fauquier County, VA, why not upgrade to a luxury bathroom?

Imagine beginning and ending the day in a spa-like atmosphere. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary for relaxation and renewal. A luxury bathroom can enhance your lifestyle and appeal to your senses. Taking a shower could be more than just something you have to do every day, it can be a sensory experience that helps you relax or recharge. 

What makes a luxury bathroom vs. a standard bathroom? Luxury bathrooms take the standard fixtures and design elements and upgrade them. Fixtures become deluxe, and design elements become elegant. Here is what to expect from a luxury bathroom remodel and how it is unique.

Finding An Experienced Contractor
And Designing Your Bathroom

If you have decided on a luxury bathroom remodel, finding an experienced contractor is an important first step. When looking for a contractor, be sure to research to see if they have a good design team, look at galleries of their past work, and read reviews. 

Once you have found your bathroom remodel contractor, the first step is meeting with the design team to talk about what you want and need in your new bathroom. If you aren’t exactly sure yet, the design team will come in handy.

Do you want a soaking tub, double shower heads, or intricate tile designs? How do you want your new bathroom to feel? Maybe your style is ultra-modern and a minimalist bathroom with luxury materials is for you. Maybe you would prefer a glamorous space with warm colors and flashy details. 

Your contractor will evaluate your space and style and help you see all the possibilities. Then, you and the designers will come up with a plan for your luxury bathroom.

What Sets Luxury Fixtures Apart From Standard Fixtures
For Your Fauquier County, VA Bathroom Remodel?

One of the biggest misconceptions when planning a luxury bathroom is that it needs to be large. You can still have luxury without a lot of space. You can opt to expand the size of your room. But if that isn’t a possibility, one of the ways to bring that luxe feel to your room, no matter the size, is with the fixtures – your tub, shower, sinks, and even toilets. 

When you are designing your bathroom, it helps to know what kinds of upgrades you can make to your fixtures: 

  • Sinks can be made luxurious by adding extra depth or width. Designer sinks in a basin, trough, or vessel style can also upgrade your sink’s style.
  • Even toilets can go beyond the standard by adding features like a built-in bidet, touchless technology, or a heated seat.
  • Showers can be upgraded with multiple shower heads to hit at different angles, rain showerheads, or frameless glass doors.
  • Extra deep soaking tubs or tubs with whirlpool features are perfect for bath lovers.

Customizing Your Storage and Cabinets
During Your Bathroom Remodel

When working with your contractor, one of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom is to design a custom storage space specifically for your needs. Think about what you want to store in your bathroom and create space just for that. 

Pull-out cabinets to hide necessary items like hampers and trash cans will add to the luxury feel of your new bathroom. Cabinet trim and fixtures can also add to an upgraded style.

Add Elegant Details To Your Bathroom Remodeling Plan 

The finishing touches to your bathroom can enhance and upgrade the feel of your bathroom. Tiles, flooring, faucets, and lighting are small details, but they can make a big impact on the luxury feel of your bathroom.

Marble tiles, non-slip flooring, subway tiles, herringbone designs, or mosaic inlays can all make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Upgraded designer faucets in high-end materials can also create a luxurious feel. Statement mirrors and focal point lighting can further create your bathroom’s new ambiance. 

What To Expect From The Bathroom Remodeling Process

A luxury bathroom remodeling process isn’t too different from a standard bathroom remodel. A typical bathroom remodel will take 1-2 weeks. If there will be a lot of custom elements in your new bathroom or exclusive materials that take longer to be delivered, you may want to allow for a little more time.

You will need to fully clear out your bathroom space before the work begins. Your contractors will start by getting rid of any elements that won’t be incorporated into your new bathroom. They will reconfigure the space and plumbing if those are part of your design plan and start adding in the new elements of your luxury bathroom, like fixtures and cabinets. 

Plan for it to be a little messy and a little noisy during the process. However, afterward, you will have your dream luxury bathroom space.

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