What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom In Northern VA?

June 24, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Sunroom In Northern VA?

Adding a sunroom, sometimes called an enclosed patio or porch, to your home can add value to your home, but it can also add to your quality of life. There are many sunrooms in Northern VA. You too may enjoy having a sunroom added to your home.

Three-Season Versus Four-Season Sunrooms

A three-season sunroom is typically used only during the spring, summer and fall because it is not heated. However, adding heating and insulation can turn your sunroom addition into a four-season sunroom that can be enjoyed year round. Generally, a four-season sunroom uses insulated glass and thermally broken walls to facilitate the heating of the sunroom. Either way, you will easily expand the usable living space in your home and add to your quality of life.

Added Living Space

Adding a sunroom may be as simple as enclosing an existing patio, but adding a sunroom to your home means added living space. A sunroom, particularly a four-season sunroom, can be used as a home office, a children’s playroom, a gym, a family room or just about anything else your family might need. It is a relatively easy way to add usable square footage to your home without the cost of a full-blown addition.

A Greenroom

Because sunrooms are often surrounded by windows on three sides, sunrooms in Northern VA work well as greenrooms, or versions of green houses. You may opt to plant a variety of ornamental plants or even vegetables and fruits and add yard furniture, and you will have a space that mimics a yard, one that you can use year round if you opt for a four-season sunroom.

There are many benefits to sunrooms in Northern VA. A sunroom is a relatively easy and inexpensive addition to your existing home, offering you a way to add usable living space without breaking the bank.

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