Custom Home Design Trends For A New Home Construction In Haymarket, VA

July 14, 2023

Custom Home Design Trends For A New Home Construction In Haymarket, VA

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Are you planning a new home construction in Haymarket, VA? While the experience may be a bit overwhelming, it can also be exhilarating. You get the rare opportunity to start with a blank slate, designing your entire home from scratch.

To get an idea of what you want to incorporate into your design, it helps to consider custom home design trends. While you don’t have to copy popular trends exactly, they offer springboards for ideas when creating the perfect new home.

This article will cover several top design trends to help you brainstorm ideas for your new home. Read on to learn what’s hot right now.

Boost The Natural Lighting In Your New Home Construction

Adding as much natural light as possible is a significant trend. This will allow you to develop a much deeper connection with nature. Consider adding large windows, increasing the total number of windows, placing skylights in rooms that cannot accommodate a lot of windows, and installing large, folding patio doors that encompass entire walls.

This will reduce your dependence on artificial light and overall energy costs. Additionally, you’ll have fantastic views of everything outside your home.

Consider An Open-Concept Floor Plan

The use of open-concept floor plans is still prevalent, especially in new construction homes. This option allows you to make the most of the total square footage of your new home, often creating a single room encompassing the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Open-concept floor plans are designed to make the home’s interior more expansive and accessible. They also allow for more streamlined social interaction among family members and guests. Instead of having a traditional kitchen that’s completely walled in, you can easily communicate with those in the other room.

It’s also a great way to make entertaining easier. You won’t have to leave your guests unattended when you leave to get something from the kitchen.

Add A Walk-In Pantry To Your New Home In Haymarket, VA

The new trend in pantries is to create a smaller version of the kitchen that’s out of sight. Within one of these mini kitchens, you’ll get nearly all the same features of a full-size kitchen. However, the details will be pared down.

Additional space in a pantry lets you keep your small appliances off the kitchen countertops. You’ll have much more space to work with when preparing your meals. Additionally, your kitchen will look significantly less cluttered without everything on the counters.

Consider Aging-In-Place Design Elements For Your New Construction Home

Many homeowners have their new homes in Prince William County constructed to allow them to age in place. This design gives the ultimate freedom to complete upgrades that improve accessibility when mobility becomes an issue.

For this to work, consider leaving enough space to make accommodations later. For example, if you design your new construction home with wider doors, you won’t have to worry about expanding them later if the need for accessibility accommodations arises.

Design A Spa-Like Oasis In Your New Home In Northern VA

If the bathroom in your existing home hasn’t lived up to your expectations, you can consult with your new home builder to design the ideal space. This is your opportunity to add all the features you want, making your bathroom the most comfortable, luxurious room in the house.

You can choose from many trending features, including radiant heating installed within the floor, a deep soaker tub, or even a relaxing steam shower. You’ll have a blank slate, so it’s the ideal time to make all the luxurious selections you’ve dreamed of. What you put into your new construction will likely be in place for many years before you need to replace it, so you’ll want to ensure you love it.

Place Key Spaces Adjacently To Maximize The Ease Of Use Of Your New Haymarket Home

A mudroom is a great feature to add to a new home. It’s the perfect location to remove your shoes and keep the rest of the house clean. When planning the location of this room, consider keeping it adjacent to the garage. If it’s the first room you enter from the car, you’re less likely to get your home dirty.

Additionally, placing the kitchen and pantry near the garage is thoughtful planning. You don’t want a long journey with all your groceries after the hassle of going shopping. Consider placing all three rooms in close proximity to the garage.

Make Your New Construction Truly Yours

One trend of edging out the bland whites and grays is a great way to add your own personality to every room. Instead of using a cookie-cutter design from a magazine, you can create a home that works perfectly for you, meeting your needs, style, and preferences.

If you like a flair of color, add it in. If you want clean, clutter-free surfaces, add more storage. Your new construction is like a blank artist’s canvas — you can make it into exactly what you want.

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We aim to deliver the best construction possible to meet all your needs and preferences. We want you to be delighted with the results, no matter what it takes to get there.

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