4 Things To Remember When Planning & Building A New Home In NOVA

May 5, 2021

4 Things To Remember When Planning & Building A New Home In NOVA

Few things are more exciting than building your dream house, but in the enthusiasm there’s a risk of forgetting important elements. By keeping a few practical considerations in mind, you can ensure that your new home construction in Northern VA provides everything you want in a home.

Space Planning

The house’s layout is crucial to making a residence that’s comfortable and convenient to live in. No lot has infinite space, so carefully consider the number and size of rooms. Also think about room placement. Bedrooms should ideally be as far as possible from noise and foot traffic, not sharing a wall with the living room; while kitchens are best near both the dining areas and a back or garage entrance, so they can be accessed without crossing the entire house.


Along with making sure every room is wired for sufficient electrical lighting, ample windows allowing in sunlight make for a brighter, energy-saving environment. Skylights can also be installed to illuminate interior rooms.

Heating And Cooling

With an estimated 45 percent of household utility bills going to heating and cooling, any new home construction in Northern VA should strive to make the most energy efficient residence possible. Choose furnaces and air conditioning units based on the house’s square footage, not over- or under-sized. Energy-efficient windows and doors can also lower costs by reducing the loss of heat and cold.

Resale Value

From the outset, remember that your new house will likely not be your last residence. When thinking about what features to add, consider whether they would appeal to future potential buyers, and don’t build so extravagantly that you overprice the house for the local neighborhood.

Designing a house is an exciting if occasionally daunting project, but remembering these key features will help you stay on track. With the right plans, your new home construction in Northern VA will give you the house you’ve always wanted.

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