4 Kitchen Trends In Northern VA That Are Here To Stay

April 24, 2021

4 Kitchen Trends In Northern VA That Are Here To Stay

If your house is like most, the kitchen is the social center. Your family gathers there throughout the day to eat, talk, and relax. When you have guests, they congregate in the kitchen. If your kitchen is old, dysfunctional, or downright ugly, now might be the time to contract for kitchen remodeling in Northern VA. Here are four kitchen trends that aren’t going anywhere.

1. Neutral Colors

If you want a kitchen design that will age well, you can’t go wrong with using a neutral color scheme. Neutral does not, however, need to be boring. For a clean modern look, opt for bright white tile, cabinets, or countertops. For a more sophisticated look, choose slate gray or chocolate brown.

2. LED Lights

A great lighting scheme does more to enhance the kitchen than just about any other room. When remodeling your kitchen, opt for LED lights. While giving off brighter light, bulbs in these fixtures last longer than conventional lights. For the best results, try illuminating unconventional areas with rope lights or LED cove lighting.

3. Updated Refrigeration

If you are planning kitchen remodeling in Northern VA, you will notice the many different refrigeration options available for modern kitchens. Gone are the days when a large, single refrigerator dominated the kitchen. Today’s homeowners choose to put refrigeration where they need it, often breaking the fridge and freezer into separate units that they place in different parts of the kitchen.

4. Go Touchless

You want your redesigned kitchen to be as functional as possible. Wherever possible, try to add touchless features to your kitchen. An easy way to do this is by installing a hands-free faucet. Even better, shop for cabinetry that you can operate with a foot.

When doing kitchen remodeling in Northern VA, it can be tempting to shy away from kitchen trends in favor of more traditional solutions. Some trends, though, are so brilliant they are here to stay.

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